Welcome to Gigacat Games

Here at Gigacat Games, we are all about making cheap, fun games that wont cost a lot of cash. There will be more added to this site as time goes by.


Im Gigacat. I am an indie game designer from New Zealand. I enjoy playing games, especially from Hamumu Software. Go buy thier games. I also like to listen to music. Imprisoned, Hamumu, hamumu


http://mgsoft.weebly.com/index.html Megadog Software! My friend, he also makes games although they are currently not up.
http://hamumu.com/index.php Hamumu Software, a great site of games and lots more! Definely join!
http://www.ludumdare.com/ Ludum dare, The 48 hour game making conteset, home to a lot of my freebies!